Excerpt from: Ageless Desires

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Copyright © TESSIE BRADFORD, 2009

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“And what’s been going on in here, while I slaved over a hot sink of dishes?” she asked playfully.

When Bryan turned around, Kate gasped, first taking in his intense gaze and then realizing that he had been tying a long piece of silk fabric on the post of her bed. She noticed that its match was hanging from the other post. She continued to stare as Bryan clasped his hands behind his back and widened his barefoot stance, making her think of a military man standing at attention.

Kate’s breath became labored and her hands started to shake when the reality of what Bryan was planning to do to her hit home. She ran her tongue along her dry lips as she tried to picture herself restrained to the bed while he made love to her. Her pussy heated at the thought of being completely at his mercy.

“Tonight’s lesson, or game if you prefer, is submission,” he said with quiet authority. “I will be in charge of every thing that happens in this room tonight. I will tell you what to do and how to do it and I will reward or punish you accordingly. You have thirty seconds to decide if you are going to stay.”

Kate’s heart slammed so hard that she was sure that it was going to burst. Bryan was every inch the dominant male, standing proud and tall, muscles and other parts bulging all over, causing a shiver to run the length of her spine. Her mouth went dry as she desperately fought to get past her inhibitions. She used the full thirty seconds that he allowed her before responding.

“I’m not going anywhere, Bryan,” she finally answered with a shaky voice.

You won’t regret it, Katie, I promise.” A playful grin tugged at his lips but was gone in a split second.

“Pick a word Katie,” he instructed, “one that you wouldn’t say in everyday conversation.”


“That is the last time that I will allow you to question my instructions tonight, Kate. But you definitely need to understand that there are rules to this kind of play and that ultimately, you never give up your power. A safe word is one that you can use if things have gone too far, if I have pushed you past your limits. A person can say ‘no’ or ‘stop’ when they really mean the opposite, but a safe word is something that you wouldn’t ever say in the heat of passion. You can count on the fact that if you say it, I will stop immediately. You can also count on the fact that if you say it, I will not start again, so it is a very powerful word.”

The comment that he had made to her in the car that day on the way to the cabin rushed into her head. She had been a bit confused with what he was talking about then, not so much now.

“Wombat,” she said with not only nervous humor but with a courage that she was just beginning to discover in herself.

“Very good.” He struggled not to laugh. “Because from this point forward the safe word, or an answer to my direct questions, or your cries and moans of ecstasy are all I want to hear from you. Do you understand?’ Kate nodded her head in agreement.

“An answer, now!” He barked the order, causing her to flinch with shock.

“I understand,” she whispered as her eyes instinctively dropped to the floor. Heat and wetness rushed to her pussy.

“Take your clothes off.”